MyungSan Best! Portfolio

Introduce the 38 Years of Technology Portfolio in Myeongsan.

Myungsan constructionvideo

A video guide for the construction of Myeongsan.


Myoungsan Features

Myoungsan’s advantage starts from the planning stage, leading to the differentiated design and the delicate and meticulous construction, ending in top quality breath taking result.

  • Patented construction technology.

    The top-notch patented project method used by Myoungsan typically reduces the delivery time by 50% and 40% of the cost savings compared with the historical standard.

  • Highest endurability in finishing.

    Our end products demonstrate the lightweight in overall but offer the highest strength in the internal framing and exterior finish.

  • Natural

    The unique natural color of rock will last. Especially, the corrosion resistance is excellent.

  • The overall

    The present industry trend is to get away from the aggregate extraction and mining rocks from the nature. Myoungsan, being socio-responsive and sensitive to this, uses the artificial rocks wherever and whenever possible.